Suwari Waza, another Aikido Hurdle

Suwari Waza is one of the stranger aspects of Aikido and it is also one that on the face of it doesn't seem useful. You practice the techniques while walking on your knees. And it is yet another part of Aikido that is another demarcation between a beginner and an experienced Aikido-ist.

I am still a real beginner in Suwari Waza and today my toes were really hurting. Another reminder how far I have to go.

After Suwari Waza we practiced standing Irimi Nage today and I had a much better feel for it than Thursday. Today I was able to relax and go with the movement when I was Uke.

It reminded me about a previous comment :

"Being Uke may also mean being composed during a conflict!?!"

Today I was able to relax enough as Uke to turn into Nage's movement and ended up doing a forward roll rather than being forced into a backward roll (Thanks to Brian for his help). My point is that I had to be composed and relax to get to this point.

So I guess it was a good day.


Bob said...

I've only done a little bit of Suwari Waza so far.

However, since so many actual street fights go to the ground, I can envision situations where Suwari Waza might actually be useful. Particularly since most attackers wouldn't expect you to be able to defend yourself from that position.

See you tonight at practice.

Jenn A said...

I'm still new to aikido and our dojo does not teach suwari waza, but I was wondering how to do it. Any tips?

ZeppoManx said...

I'm told you are supposed to move from your center, and that is what I try to do. But ask senior students about it and I bet they have some experience.

It is best to see it in action. When done well it is a wonder to see.

Good Luck