Change Systems

Last fall after a System update to my 2012 Nexus 7 tablet, it was un-usable ever after. And there was no good way to downgrade.

To try and find some use for this tablet coaster, this week I installed Ubuntu touch on it.  BUT that was never really developed for that model so it was VERY beta, and only slightly better than the lag-ey tablet it had become.

For the record this was the most helpful for installing Ubuntu Touch on the Nexus 7 from an Ubuntu machine, after I rooted it from my windows machine


However when I first started the Ubuntu tablet adventure I ended up using Windows to install the Skipsoft Android Toolkit on my Windows laptop. Which I found to be a very easy way to unlock and root a Nexus 7 tablet.

So After the Ubuntu touch tablet fail I looked for a way to install a working Android OS back on the tablet. Here is how I had to restore to a more primitive Android OS

Even though was able to use the Windows software to root my Nexus 7 I had to use an Ubuntu OS to install the Ubuntu touch on the tablet. And I also found that to put it back to Android it was dependent on having a Ubuntu boot OS, for the Android OS re-install.

In this video, it will show how to Return your Google Nexus 7 to Stock Android (thus uninstalling Ubuntu Linux).

You will need to go and download the Stock Android image from the following website:

Image will download into the downloads folder. Go to the Downloads folder, and extract the files to the same directory, and then run the following commands on your Ubuntu Terminal:

1-) cd nakasi-jzo54k (make sure you get the right file name)
2-) sudo ./flash-all.sh

Watch the show, and you will be done in less than 5 minutes. 

So it is pretty weird that a company would force a download on a tablet that made it useless. AND made it impossible to downgrade.

So the work around is to "root" the device which is kind of hacking it, AND then to get one of their old images and set it back to a more simple OS. AND then you have to install "Disable Service" to stop any automatic ystem upgrades


It's 4 AM, what's on your mind?

I woke up at 4:00 AM this morning and starting thinking.

Accept these suppositions.

All structures or organizations, whether political, economic, religious, social, are man made and somewhat arbitrary. It is only because of the vagaries of cultural streams and accidental occurrences that cause them to the coalesce and form as the mass of humanity moves through time and space.

Kind of like the cartoon view of Chaos theory, where random events, or purposeful events with unintended consequences, affect a million other events. And suddenly we have a world with terrorists, crazy politicians, self righteous billionaires on TV yelling about how paying people below a working wage is better for them that being able to pay their bills. Something like that.

Beyond noticing how self serving, self deceptive and hypocritical politicians and billionaires are, the supposition implies all that could change. But probably these cultural streams will simply move in a different direction and we humans will be carried along in the torrent frantically grasping for floating debris to keep us afloat.

That is what I think of when I wake up at 4:00 AM. And the is pretty much the first thing that came to mind. Now that I read this, there may be a reason I could never go back to sleep.



This is not to say there may not be realities that come to bear on these man made constructions. Much like the idea of Mathematics as a human invention, as is revealed at certain crucial points (e.g. in why -1 x -1 = 1) , BUT if it did not work in the physical world of engineering we would not be using it nearly as much. And I guess that is were the arguments might start...but unfortunately the world of of human structures is much more open to interpretation of what "works" as compared to engineering. 7:00 AM


Note to Self - Remember this

Where "Values" Come From

I remember this from a few years ago and wanted to pin it down while I remember it. It is from an All in with Chris Hayes with Chris Mooney and  Haidt who, while having slightly different conclusions both agreed on camera that people decide first what to believe and then find the evidence to support it.

And a forum that articulated it well...
As the host explains, we don't reason in the way that we to tend to believe that we do.  We arrive at conclusions through values and intuition, then use reason to construct a rationale.