Words to live by!

I don't know much about this but I sure like the sound of the worlds.

the "temporal coherence" of a graphene qubit

Superconducting qubits rely on a structure known as a "Josephson junction,"


Elsewhere I see something about;

"Exploiting Temporal Choherence"


The Meaning of LIFE, the UNIVERSE and EVERYTHING!!

This world is imagined as objective, with every moment as a discrete object on a timeline with a measurable value assigned to each of these objects.

But all of that is Bullshit.

The open secrect is we naturally live in the subjective “now” and immediate world, and are also naturally connected to everything else and everybody else in the world, and subconsciously accept we are connected to each other.

The analogy is of all of us in a swimming pool (this moment we are all living in now), yet the “world” says each of us is in an individual pool unrelated to the other.

...that is not all. BUT that is enough so the Vogans can destroy earth.