Back In Texas

Two weeks on the road and over 3000 miles and here is the pic I took when I crossed back into TX yesterday.

Fortunately the ominous clouds only sprinkled me a litte so I got home dry.

Over 3000 miles


The Mighty Mississip!

Here is the bridge from the Mississippi side.

I decided to go against my original of no Interstates and took I-20 to I-55. ,d then up 75 miles and then east to the Natchez Trace Parkway.

The last bit is quite nice and the fist part felt right since I was so beat down from riding in the rain yesterday that I wanted to cover as many miles as I could while it was still only overcast.
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Camping Rained Out

We'll...I really meant to camp out tonight but after riding through a downpour for 45 minutes I wimped out pulled into a Super8.

Here is the meal I meant to have in a tent.
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The Journey Begins

Phase 1 is complete with the ride from Dallas to Houston.

The picture is about the half way point yesterday.

Monday it's off to Louisiana.
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Handlebar Camera

I'm testing sending a photo and a blog post from my Blackberry.

This is pic of a cool camera that mounts to your handlebars.
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Last week I went for a walk in the dark with sandals on and by moving too quickly I hit my big toe and manage to lift the toenail off the toe just enough to make the toe name change to a solid white color and cause some pain but not pull it all the way off.

So swari waza was out as was hamni handachi. AND since I was a wimp and feared it might hurt to practice...I decided not to take the 3rd Kyu test today.

In less than a week I leave for the two week motorcycle trip so I don't know if I'll be up to returning to practice before I leave. Which means I will miss almost a month's worth of classes.