A poem from and old friend TO B. -RESCUE DOG

When I learned the true extent
Of misfortune in your tale,
I knew then I must consent,
And that mercy must prevail.
Consent to bring you home at last,
Your family finally found,
Never more to be out cast
Your anguish run to ground.
I hear you snuffle in your sleep
And I wonder what you dream
I trust you know I’ll always keep
The promise I made to you.
Peculiar tastes, this little guy
Like french fries off the street
Or nasty bones we might pass by
Not slowed by missing teeth.
Yes, I know, you are a little fat-
They say I spoil you rotten-
But for everything I do for you-
So much more have I gotten.
Those cloudy eyes, you’re older now
But the gaze still love-driven
You’ve taught me well, the why and how
Of devotion freely given.
And devoted will I stay to you-
Companions till the end
Daily rites of mutual need
God, to me, did you send.

W.S.H. -3/1/2020