Thought of the Day: Stop NOW!

(A painting from 1979 - the last time I really tried)

OK, next weekend I am taking a 3 day class on Plein Air painting. I have not really applied myself to painting since just after high school over 35 years ago. So what am I thinking here? I know my talents are not going to be suddenly recognized and rewarded by national or local acclaim. I will likely produce nothing anybody but myself might enjoy. What is the end game? What's the point?

But then again why do anything since for the most part all of our lives and life histories, while interesting, are completely transitory, ephemeral?...all record of it will ultimately evaporate sooner than we would wish (who was that daverush/zeppomanx guy anyway?).

I was pondering this on the drive home today and the notion struck me that the “reason” you do anything is not for the product or effect, but for THAT MOMENT when you actually DO something.

The moment you look at the tree and apply paint to the canvas
The moment you look across at somebody and listen then talk with them
The moment you practice Aikido and give in to the movement and go for koshinage

Think of Van Gogh. Never acknowledged at the time. What good did it do him then that his painting now cost millions? At the time he was painting, all he was doing was giving in to the moment and applying the paint.

So that is what I am thinking, screw the product...live in the moment and look at the hill and apply the paint.

.   .   .   .   .   

I suppose a critique of my idea above may be that my example contradicts the point of the post. First off, I am positive I am no Van Gogh, AND my point is for Vincent he could not know of his posthumous fame and acclaim. Posterity and myself may adore and praise his paintings now but it could have gone another way and his works might have been lost to art history.

 .    .    .    .    .

This way of thought runs counter to our current celebrity culture where being famous and rich IS the point or at least the justly deserved reward of doing stuff