My Secret Is Exposed!!

Yes, my secret is out...I cannot dance.

That is what happened tonight. Shawn was desperately trying to show me how to simply shift my hips to throw him in a “Shomen Uchi Koshi Nage” and I just could not make my body perform this subtle shift. I could mange most of the technique but the final bit of finesse escaped me. And Shawn, who recently started dance lessons asked “You don't know how to dance, do you?” And it is true...So my secret is revealed.

Above is what I cannot do, and part of what Shawn recognized whey he asked me to shift my hips, and below is what I tried to do tonight.

Good Ol' Koshi Nage...

A Cat That Makes Me Mad!!

"Rocket!!" He jumps in at me and lands in my glass of red wine and it spills all over our couch.

OK, it is really old and has many previous stains, but still...cats can be a pain!!

And this is the wine that I succumbed to and broke my weekday non wine practice.

I still need to consider if I like it. I drank it all when I should have had none.