The Dark Side of the Moon

Because of family issues I have missed the last two weeks of Aikido and will probabaly miss another week if not more.

I HOPE to be back but I feel like NASA with a moon shot when the capsule lost all communication as they went across the back side (not really the dark side) of the moon.

I have been out of touch and pray I will be back in touch ASAP.


Moon Shot

I have ridden my bicycle very little the last few months so I celebrated this morning's ride with a photo to remember the morning by.

Another sunrise over White Rock Lake in Dallas


One Week Later...Same Location

I have to miss Aikido yet again and sadly I missed last Wednesday of my own choice (I was sooooo dang tired), but also again I am squeezing in my caffeine treat of a slow cup of coffee at White Rock Coffee.


Saturday Morning at White Rock Coffee

I have some domestic chores to do today and have to miss Aikido class, but I managed to squeeze in a little time for coffee and reading.
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Back on the Mat

After missing almost 2 weeks of aikido I finally made it back to class tonight.

Sidney Sensei was there but Charlie taught the class tonight and he worked on some basic concepts. It is interesting that Charlie or Sidney will both focus on “basics” but somehow even though they often cover the same techniques the vibe is different. While neither is worse nor better than the other I still savor Sidney Sensei's basic more than other peoples basics.

But it was a good workout and I was not as winded as I thought I would be since I have not exercised in almost 2 weeks.

The video is quite similar to what we worked on for the first part of class although the language is a bit different.

I have not posted many “deep thought” postings lately but I feel one coming on. I hope to ultimately tie in Aikido, the meaning of life, the existential situation and all that. But I may have to work up to it