Back on the Mat

After missing almost 2 weeks of aikido I finally made it back to class tonight.

Sidney Sensei was there but Charlie taught the class tonight and he worked on some basic concepts. It is interesting that Charlie or Sidney will both focus on “basics” but somehow even though they often cover the same techniques the vibe is different. While neither is worse nor better than the other I still savor Sidney Sensei's basic more than other peoples basics.

But it was a good workout and I was not as winded as I thought I would be since I have not exercised in almost 2 weeks.

The video is quite similar to what we worked on for the first part of class although the language is a bit different.

I have not posted many “deep thought” postings lately but I feel one coming on. I hope to ultimately tie in Aikido, the meaning of life, the existential situation and all that. But I may have to work up to it

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