A New Beginning?

I did in fact wake up this morning, so I have now lived half of a century.

In anticipation of this somewhat arbitrary milestone I earlier decided to consciously focus on 3 parts of my life and if I don't set actual goals at least try to track my progress as I pursue these interest.

1. Practice Aikido
2. Make a 2D computer animation short
3. Learn Spanish with Spanish Language software

1. I have been practicing Aikido for not quite 1 and 1/2 years and passed my first test (5th Kyu). I am NOT a natural and I think in my 50 years I've become a little uptight and have a problem relaxing. Being relaxed is important to Aikido techniques so that is a struggle

2. After my disappointment with Toon Boom Studio Express I purchased Anime Studio Pro and so far I think it is the application that matches my animation goals and skills. But it will be a long haul and I can only hope that in less than a year I will have the video on YouTube that I now see in my head.

3. I've studied Spanish a bit before over the last 30 years and even spent 2 months in a language school in Mexico. but that was over 25 years ago and IF I had really used Spanish back in 1990 when I returned to Texas, I might have actually developed some ability.

But I did not and now I am practically back to "square one". (I wonder what the Spanish equivalent to that is?)

I spent the money and purchased Level 1 and 2 of Rosseta Stone Spanish Latin America Edition.

I don't know it that was a wise decision, but I do know I don't have to the time to take classes.

I hope to use this blog to motivate myself and not simply sit back and drink wonderful cheap wine and watch TV for the next 25 years.


tayete said...

Hi David, and happy birthday!
Good luck with your 3 objectives for the years to come. Remember they fit quite well with drinking good wine (we know a bit about that here, in Spain).
Maybe the translation of "back to square one" is "he vuelto a la posición de salida", or "vuelta a empezar otra vez".

ZeppoManx said...

Gracias a Tayete

One problem I have is that a few years ago I studied a bit of Italian, so now when I try to think about Spanish, the little bit of Italian pops up.

I really do love my red wine now. Sometimes a little too much.