Milwaukee Art Museum

I was in Milwaukee for one night and the morning before I left I visited the Milwaukee Art Museum

When I go to an art museum I take a sketch book and make quick drawings of whatever catches my eye. They usually are not very good but aside from forcing me to look at the art closer, I don't know why I do it. It is just one of the odd things I do (one of many).

The drawing below is of a bronze statue by Marino Marini and while the small bronze horse was nice, the comment to his art was also interesting. He said...
"I Believe that we are heading toward the end of the world...My equestrian statues tell of the pangs caused byt the events of my age"

Then I sketched this pen and ink drawing by Rosemarie Koczy, who survived the Holocaust as an infant, but perhaps it still guides her art. From somewhere there is a lot of pain.

I actually started the visit sketching a metal sculpture made by a Haitian artist named Georges Liataud called "Child of the Sea" in 1959 the same time Marini was making his sculptures.

To me the Liataud metalwork expresses true joy.

How did the Haitian sculptor find the joy that the Italian sculptor could not?

All I know about the artists is what was expressed on those placards next to the pieces, so it may be more complicated, and as usual I have to insert the disclaimer that I may be wrong.

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