A Second, Slightly Less Primitive Animation

Here is another attempt to use Anime Studio Pro to create an animation of a character walking across the screen. This exercise is one often mentioned in books on traditional animation (pencil, paper and camera). Although it is still simple, it is much better than my first example.

There are still problems, and after I finished I said to myself, "His walk makes him look drunk". So I added to bumps on the ground to explain his erratic movement.

But I learned much for the effort. I gained some experience with Anime Studio's "Bone Structure" system, discovered the use of adding "points" to a shape, found out how to change the the time actions take, and more.


Bob said...

I think the music might make him seem a little drunk. Very cool!

ZeppoManx said...

The deal is that I'm still learning and after I finished I thought "He looks drunk" or just plain clumsy. And I immediately thought of the Laurel and Hardy them song.

I then put in the bumps on the ground that are supposed to explain his erratic walk.

So I guess I worked!

Bob said...

Is it just me, or is there something inherently creepy about that theme song? haha.