Koshi Nage

Last Saturday we practiced Koshi Nage which is a throw where the uke or "attacker" is thrown across the back or hip of the Nage who performs the technique.

My problem is that I often end up trying to make up for the lack of ability with muscle which is a VERY bad idea for me, especially when the muscles in question involve my back.

Fortunately I was only sore for one day and by Monday I was fine.

This video of some other dojo shows some of what we practiced. The Koshi Nage throws are the ones where the victim rolls across the back of the Nage.


Kate Richardson said...

Haha, Uncle David's doing karate??? Rock out, dude. You must demonstrate some Koshi Nage in August. It's about time John had a good throw over the hip.

Bob said...

Yes, Koshi Nage always kicks my ass. Actually, it doesn't hurt that much, but for some reason I'm really timid about it - makes me feel like a puss. Don't worry. In 6-10 years we'll both be testing for black belt, and it won't be so bad.

Will said...

Kate's Uncle David, you're the bomb. Keep it up and I'm sure you'll be karate-chopping Guatemalans while taunting them in their native language in no time.

If only you had told me before plunking down your Half Price books money on Rosetta Stone. As Kate can tell you, I'm Houston's premier purveyor of pirated copies of Rosetta Stone.

ZeppoManx said...


The irony is that this time I paid for software and I only want a true backup copy and can't make one. It has some serious copy protection.

I went through the first lesson today and will post my experiences later.

ZeppoManx said...

Oh, yeah, there are no chops in Aikido. Just Harmony and Peace as you crank their wrist until they scream in agony.