La Mujer tiene pelo largo

The speaking portion or Rosetta Stone is paradoxically the most confusing and yet may be the part that reinforces the most learning. I don't know what the measurement is since you can say the wrong words yet still get a good rating. And sometimes it seems to be where you hold the microphone determines how well you do rather than how you speak.

The net result is you really work at pronouncing every syllable.

My study from so many years ago got me through Unit I fairly easily, so I did the entire unit in one day. But it took almost 2½ to 3 hours to make it all the way through.

There are 8 units in Level 1 and 9 in Level 2 which is all I bought, so it may take a while for me to work my way through. 17 units at one a week means about 6 months if I am really diligent and can absorb a unit each week, which may NOT be the case so it may be a year or two.

Maybe somebody will magically find the Level III and send it to me, but for now I think the application does seem to have enough to keep me busy for a while.


Bob said...

I just completed Beginning Spanish II at the local community college. Unlike my highschool spanish, Video/Audio lab material is now the norm, and it makes you realize that no matter how good you are with written Spanish, or speaking slowly to your classmates, the ability understand spoken Spanish from a native speaker is really where the rubber hits the road, so to speak. I'm going to Mexico at the end of the month, so tonight I start practicing my spanish after a month of inactivity (after Aikido, of course).

Anonymous said...

Recently, my clipta.com toolbar seems to be malfunctioning. Whenever I want to download a video, it only allows me to download a small portion of a video - say, I wanted to download a 99MB video, I was only able to download about an eighth of it. I do not know what is happening, but I have also been experiencing from strange redirections - when I click on a link from a Google Search, I get redirected all the time to another page completely, and I have to go back and do it a few times before it works, sometimes. Could it be a trojan or a virus or something? - because all my troubles started, I think (but I'm not that sure) when I downloaded a .exe file. When I opened it, it didn't work. My security software detected a threat, and labelled it as "High" in risk level. Changes, according to my Internet Seurity Software, have also been made to my system files. It also seems that it may be a trojan horse. Could this be linked to my inability to download FULL versions of videos using my clipta.com toolbar? I use Mozilla Firefox (v. 3.5.5). Or could there just be a bug in Firefox or my clipta.com toolbar? I need a a solution to my problem.