Koshi Nage Redux

Monday was a multi-technique night, and we revisited koshi nage for a time. We started with the Sankyo and that lead into koshi nage. The clip is doesn't start quite the same as Monday but the first half of the clip demonstrates the basic idea. The last half shows a variation from we did NOT practice Monday.

From a beginner's view there are a number of landmarks in Aikdo (aka obstacles) and koshi nage is one of them. Here is my current list

1. Backward roll
2. Forward roll

3. Breakfall
4. Koshi nage

The first two are relatively easy to handle adequately. The second two are real demarcations of note. After a few weeks most people can get by with 1 & 2, but 3 & 4 may take a while (years?) to be able to perform adequately.

So far after a year and a half I can fake 1 & 2 and "get by" with the others as long as nobody looks closely. Neither 3 or 4 hurt as uke but I'm still a fat middle aged guy who makes a lot of noise when I land. And THAT can be a scary sound.

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Bob said...

Dude, your Sankyo was good last night -- you had me on my tippy toes begging for mercy! haha. Seriously, your sankyo was tight. Good stuff. Those videos just don't convey the effective pain-compliance that sankyo creates.

I think that Koshi Nage is particularly hard in class since we're trying to learn it without hurting each other.