El cuadrado es más pequeño que el círculo.

I made it through lesson 4 of unit 2 of Level 1.

It started off with more esta ....ando. I look forward to other conjugations. The vocabulary is pretty primitive but is has worked, giving me some words I didn't know. Like “rastrillo” and “tienda de pampaña”.

At unit 2, I can still fly through the choices pretty fast, and mistakes come from not paying attention and I wonder if I should slow down, but to do so would be really boring. For now I'm going on the premise that if I can fly through it I will, and at some point the difficulty will make me slow down.

However, the speaking test already really slows me down. I REALLY have a problem with geometric figures. Círculo is particularly difficult.

I still wonder about the criteria it uses to judge, but it is true that if I have trouble saying it (to my ear), then my rating is pretty bad.

But my real problem is time. For an adult with no children and not a student I would think I should have more time to pursue those interests I earlier declared. But it is as if every moment is precious and/or the world is determined to deny me the time to study.

I mean each day I still have to find time to watch two hours of TV and drink a full bottle of wine.

These things take TIME people!!

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Bob said...

A bottle of wine! You should be pretty loose at Aikido, my friend.