A Yokomenuchi up side the head

Was tonight a breakthrough? If I can hold on to what we did, it may very well be one of the wonderful yet few and small victories.

The gist is in Yokomenuchi you mirror Uke as he attacks and use the “hot” arm (the one closest to the attacker) to block and if the strike to the head is somewhat high, the other arm or “cool” arm swings up from BELOW for Ikkyo, Nikkyo, Sankyo, etc...

BUT if the strike is a little lower, the “cool” arm follows the blocking arm down from the TOP and maintains the last contact before Iriminage or Kotegaishi. But in the second example you end up face to face with each other whereas in the other type you go straight for the technique.

The "hot" and "cool" designation I got from a guy a the dojo that spent many, many years practicing Tomiki Aikido, where there is a competition process. I gather it is a lot tougher.

For some reason those terms help me remember what to do.

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