Are You Handy with Handchi?

Tonight for half the class we practiced Hanmi Handachi, where Nage is moving around on their knees and the Uke (the attacker) is standing. The advantage over Suwari Waza (both moving on their knees) is that in the former you at least get to rest your knees for half the time. So I guess it could have been worse. Jeezz I'm bad at this stuff!!

And HANMI HANDACHI is just another one of those things about Aikido that doesn't look immediately applicable, but I guess I actually started moving a little better tonight. I may still be bad but my ray of hope is that I'm not as bad as I once was.


uchi deshi said...

I used to hate hanmi handachi and suwariwaza. When I was getting ready for my 2d & 1st kyus,and shodan tests, my knees were always raw - even with knee pads, and my toes hurt. From regular but not excessive practice, I'm slowly starting to feel a little more comfortable. The sandan test includes suwariwaza kinonagare! Thank God that's a long way off - if ever!

ZeppoManx said...

My main complaint is that I usually lose my balance and feel generally clumsy.

Being good at suwariwza is yet another Aikido fantasy I have.