More and More Pics

I forced some 120 film in to the 620 receptacle of a Kodak Duaflex III camera, after a bit of filing and sniping on the edges of the plastic film spook. Anyway I managed to get some satisfactory pics. I also loaded up the Brownie Target Six-16 with more 120 film which is just a tad smaller than the discontinued film it was designed to use. Both have a feature that lets you hold the shutter open for as long as you hold the trigger down. So I tried a few of those with some indoor scenes. It is soooo easy to forget to roll the film and the cameras don't prevent multiple exposures before advancing the film.
I really like the picture dimensions and the field of vision on the Brownie Target 616. The best pictures are landscapes and they almost have Cinemascope feel to them. It is a little tricky to use but I hope to get some nice results as I grow more used to it.
The Duaflex is another camera like the Agroflex that give square pictures but this time, with new film, I think they turned out quite well. I am still taking pictures of the negative with my camera and inverting the colors with software but I've improved my method for framing the pictures so I think they are closer to a “true” result.
I should get some actual photographic paper this week or early next week and I will try some contact sheets to see how they compare to the digitized versions. But the tone of the photos I get using my current method sure feels like a 1950's picture The picasa website is here

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