Beacon-II 127 format Camera

I forced some 35mm film into a 127 format camera, Beacon II which was made from 1947-55. The 35mm film is a bit smaller than the now defunct film format so the image is projected onto the sprocket holes of the 35mm type of film.

I had a few problems and only got three halfway interesting pictures. I was unsure of how many turns to use to advance the film so I could have taken twice as many many pictures. But the real problem is this camera seems way more sensitive to light than these older cameras I've been playing with. It doesn't make sense but the three salvageable pics had to be tweaked a bunch with software after I took digital pictures of the negatives.

 I have some real photo paper coming and I may see if they turn out any differently using the traditional method.
More pics at https://picasaweb.google.com/108355303090029404900/BeaconII?authkey=Gv1sRgCPbBgui66vLcTA#


Flyingeva said...


How did you 'force' the 35 mm film into it? The canister is too big to fit into the camera, did you smash it a little and how?

Thanks so much,

ZeppoManx said...

Although the 35mm case is bigger than the space for a normal 127 roll, the film itself if smaller. I had to unroll a 35mm roll in complete darkness and roll it back up on a spare 127 reel.

Then put that in the camera, but you have to cover the red window with black tape since the 127 rolls had a paper backing with the picture count number. Of course this means you have to guess when to stop turning the roll after a shot.

I had another 127 format camera so I was able to borrow the spool from that one.

I developed it myself and didn't have to worry about what to do with the film after I used it up. But if you are going to send it out for developing I guess you would have to save the metal case and once finished the roll you would again go in a completely dark room and tape the exposed film onto the tag hanging out of the metal case and manage to roll the film back into the case. Maybe a screwdriver would fit in the spindle.

So theoretically it would work, and I might do that myself if I shoot some color film.