New Development: 1919 Man with 1917 Camera

Last weekend I visited my father for his 93rd birthday party and I decided to try and take some pictures with a camera that was made before he was born (sometime before 1918). Somewhere along the way I acquired a Kodak Brownie No. 2 Model D box camera and from some other camera purchase I got a roll of film that would fit it. Unfortunately the film was made for a modern camera with a much faster shutter speed and smaller aperture openings, but I plunged ahead and hoped to fix the mis-match during the developing process. Here is my 93 year old dad. The first picture on the reel.

I may try some more pics with more appropriate film since I had to do some tweaking after I took a photo of the negative. I used my video camera and took a picture of the negative that was displayed on my small light table, then I used software, free software, to invert the image and change the contrast. This is the first roll of film I have developed in over 30 years, and with a 95 year old camera using the wrong type of film. All in all I am pleased.

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