The Rack Of Time

Time, time, time
See what's become of me

– The Bangles

Life is complicated. But at least part of the “problem” is time.

Tonight I tried to install the rear rack on my motorcycle before I left for Aikido class since tomorrow night I hope to be installing a skid plate. But given my poor mechanical abilities I should have known better. What should have been at most a 30 minute job turned into over 2 hours. So...I missed my Wednesday Aikido class. But I felt really crummy on Monday so I wimped out and skipped on Monday. AND I will miss Satlurday becasuse of family obligations....AND I missed last Wednesday because I stayed late at work and somehow forgot my Gi (Aikido outfit).

Anyway, this is where my personal deficiencies come into play. I should have dropped the project tonight and gone to class, but once focused on something like that I can spend hours and hours and I HATE being distracted by anything once I'm in process. But the gist of the thing is, I ran out of time.

I also should have sucked it up and gone to class on Monday and the previous Wednesday. So I just have to make sure I make Monday's class.

Below is a picture of the accursed motorcycle rack

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