On the Road and on the Go

Tonight I practiced at Aikido of Columbus where Paul Linden is the Sensei. It was good to practice since I have been away from Plano Aikido Center since last Saturday. Plus the out of town work was very busy, so a chance to focus on Aikido was a treat.

The sensei really focused NOT on the effects, or “peripherals” but wanted us to find the essence of what we were practicing. I was….not so good. I really missed the boat on most of it.

There is a little trepidation when practicing at a different dojo since you feel like you are partially representing your home dojo. But you can only worry about so many things, so I plunge ahead.

My fumbling and missteps showed me how crude my Aikido skills remain. This brings me back to a repeating thought, which for some would be a sad thought. Realistically I have no hope of “achieving excellence” or being really great at anything. But yet I carry on, plunge ahead, and maybe even “keep the faith”. What that faith is, I can’t say.

But I keep going, even happily keep on going. And I think the moral of the store is “No matter where you go, there you are!”

But after a week in Columbus I'm off to Oklahoma where I hope to come home with a motorcycle

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