Boot Full of Mud

Warning; this is a motorcycle posting

I finally took the DRZ400S off road today. Yes it was a blast, but maybe the best thing for me was that I was not too afraid. BUT, I think the motorcycle had a lot to do with that since it was PERFECT!! Well except for the tires and the gearing.

Before I was trapped in a mud bog...(more later), the first thing I noticed was that it handled wonderfully and was VERY forgiving. BUT, 1st gear is WAY TOO HIGH. I must get different sprockets. If you ride off road in even a semi serious way and don't want to burn up the clutch, get some new sprockets.

I was having a grand old time but I really blundered when I tried to ride along the edge of a medium sized Mud /Water pool. First by front tire slipped into a shallow mud pond and I finally just lifted the wheel out of BUT when I tried to ride forward with my front tire free, my rear tire slipped down into the track of some ATV tire rut. This is where you understand the buddy system, and I had no buddy. Well, at this time my rear wheel was firmly entrenched. I rested and pondered my options.

There where other ATVs and motorcycles around but at this time nobody was coming by me. So, with the front wheel on somewhat firm ground I tried to lift the rear wheel out, but was afraid the whole thing would tip over into the water. But I was unsure how deep the remaining pool was and couldn't let go the the bike to test the depth.

Finally I gambled, let out the clutch and figured with the front wheel out I could put the bike forward the remaining 6 feet and find dry ground.

Yes I made it out on my own without having to find help. But many lessons were learned. First, I need to get new gearing, maybe before knobby tires. But new tires are another must. Then I have to go to some local motorcycle group meetings and find other people to ride with. And I probably have to get new boots. My old boots did really well, and I mean really well. But when I got home the right boot looked like it was about to fall apart.

Out of the bog I crawled.

The water in the background was where I spent 15 or 20 minutes.

Tomorrow an AIKIDO posting!

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