A Stand Well Taken

Twice in the last week I was heartened during Aikido class.

Once we were practicing katatetori something and I was with a new student when Sensei came over to point out to the the new student that he was exposing his front to attack. And he then pointed out that I was only presenting my side rather than my front. All well and good. But I surprised that he used my stance as an example of the correct way to stand. I was shocked to realized I was in the correct position, it felt like an accident.

Then last Saturday Alberto had freestyle practice with the ushiro katatori attack, which what we had practiced that day. Sidney was in my group so I was a little intimidated, but at one point I was confused on what to do and “accidentally” used a juji-nage response. The thing was we were supposed to use what we had worked on that morning, but I was forced into doing something that felt natural rather than something I was supposed to be learning.

The best part was that Sidney merely indicated that it was an appropriate response after I apologized for using something out of that morning's repertoire.

Tonight one thing we worked on was a direct irimi-nage rather than an enter and tenkan. Something like the video above.

As an aside. This last month due to outside circumstance and a lack of moral fiber I stopped my morning bike rides. I've been eating a bit more and maybe drinking a bit more wine. I deal with stress by eating and drinking. The strange thing is that, I also do the same for non-stress. So I've put on a few pounds and boy have I been pooped during aikido class.

Tonight I meant to lay off the food and wine, but after a great workout I couldn't help myself. Maybe tomorrow I'll gather some gumption and have a light diner and skip the wine. We'll see.

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Bob said...

Congrats on the good performance in class. I am so tired of not being in class.