The Long Way Round

Tonight we worked from Ushiro Tekubitori and went through quite a few responses. But the best moment was when Sidney saw all of us running around a stationary nage to grab the had on the other side. He stopped the the class to emphasize that there was a much more natural reason to approach it. The idea is that Nage is really stepping aside as Uke comes to him and grabs the wrist and so Uke goes past Nage and then Nage realizes he is not in complete control and grabs the other wrist from behind.

What was great was that Sidney pointed out the obvious AND gave a clear explanation of what we were doing. After all why would an attacker go to one side to grab a wrist and then run around the back of his opponent to grab the other hand.

The clip shows the ushiro tekubitoru attack but unfortunately it doesn't really show what Sidney explained.

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