La última Clase de Alberto

Today was Alberto's last day as the Saturday instructor. It was also the day of the Plano Aikdio garage sale, so the class somewhat smaller than usual.

We mainly worked from Shomenuchi and like last Saturday we had some time of almost freestyle where two people attacked with shomenuchi and the Nage was supposed to respond with one of the techniques we had worked on. Well...today I was more uptight I guess, because I kept freezing up as somebody else attacked. Perhaps shomenuchi is just more unatural for me than the katatetori we worked on last Saturday. Or it was just a bad day.

It was a good workout, which is Alberto's style. I was expecting a class of koshinage since that is one of his favorites, but also no.

tonight I watched Bloodsport with Jean Claude Van Damme. Not horrible, in that it held my interest. But it really a a pretty bad movie. I wonder what real martial arts people think of it. For me I saw every attack of force was met with a responding attack of force. No Aikido there.

The clip is similar to one move we worked on, and while I had never heard this teacher's explanation before...I liked it.

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