Shiko and the Man

Tonight we spent 30 minutes on Shiko, aka Swari Waza, aka knee-walking, aka Toe Torture. And it really wore me out, and a few others, I think.

Before Class Sensei asked what we wanted to work on, and I confessed I hated to request it, but there are some swari waza techniques on the 4th kyu test.

*Katatori ikkyo
*Katatori nikkyo (omote & ura)
*Katatori sankkyo

These are the ones I asked for. There were actually two others but thank goodness I didn't remember them for that may have been too much.

If I take the the test next month I will feel lucky if I pass on these techniques. I think I can fake my way through most of the standing parts but shiko really show off what you go. For me, that is a bad thing. It is really a wonder to watch Sidney swim across the mat on his knees. When it comes to swari waza, he is “The MAN!”

I, on the other hand, an most definitely NOT “the man”, not the young adult, not the child. Maybe an infant.


Bob said...

Yeah, I've got a nice big water blister on the tip of one of my toes, from whipping it across the floor. Like everything else, I think its just a matter of practice.

Bob said...

One other thing. Watching that embedded video in this post, it occurs to be that we are working on a much rougher surface. Look at that mat -- smooth and slidey as silk. Then think of the mat at Aikido of Dallas or Aikido of Plano. No cheating where we are, my friend. Sidney's skills are the real deal.

uchi deshi said...

Oh. I'm not a big fan of shiko. But I'm slowly getting used to it, too.