Don't Be Left Behind - A New Series

There is another dojo that shall remain un-named where the Sensei asks if you have any requests and if you say anything other than “Whatever you recommend Sensei” he will repeat “Do you have any requests?” again and again as if he didn't hear you, until you give up. Fortunately at the Plano dojo Sidney is nothing like that.

Tonight I brought my note cards of the 4th kyu test with my check marks of the techniques I'm confused about. I read them off to Sidney before class with the preface that if he asks, these are the things I would like to work on.

3 of the 4 things I mentioned started with Ushiro (from the back) techniques and so we spent the whole 90 minutes on that attack.

1.Ushiro Ryokatatori Shihonage
2. Ushiro Tekubitori Sankyo
3.Ushiro RyoKatatori Kategaeshi

So it was a great review for me, and either it was more physically stressful or I was just weaker than normal, but I I was really worn out by the end. My gi was soaked more than normal and hours after class I still have that wonderful clear lung breathing that comes after really strenuous exercise.

All that energy spent gave me permission to drink a bottle of wine after I got home. So it was a really good night!

The video shows Ushiro RyoKatatori Kategaeshi in a more flashy form than we did tonight, but it is essentially the same technique.

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Bob said...

There's a lot of running around in that Ushiro stuff. It is pretty tiring. You have to run aroudn, THEN roll. Ughhh...