Once A Night Is Good Enough

I missed Aikido class last night and as fortune threw the dice I had a free evening tonight so I went to the Aikido of Dallas class.

There were were only two other students there so with me and the teacher a total of four practiced. That was the smallest number I've ever seen there and I think it was a bit of a fluke.

Anyway, Charlie taught the class and I think he remembered me a little from the time he taught at Plano. I think the other two students had practiced around two years so I was at approximately the same experience level and I was only a bit of the dufus.

I probably worry too much about embarrassing myself, but I can't help it and I keep coming. It is a strange thing really, why go to a place were everybody is better than you? I guess as long as I enjoy it I'll just accept it and maybe I just have no shame, or I keep a "beginner's mind" an live in the moment.

That is my problem, I never know if any of my traits are good or bad on the moral value scale. And that comment may be reveal yet another problem.

We spent the night with the Katatetori attack with different responses. The highlight came near the end of class when we went to the old favorite, Koshinage.

Fortunately for me when teaching at Plano, Alberto loves his Koshinage. Anyway the above video is an extract of my first Aikido post which was about Koshi nage. I found a site that allows you to put in a YouTube link and download it as an avi file, after which I then put it into Adobe Premiere to edit it so it only showed the Koshinage that we used.

Anyway, when it was my turn I was the only one that could do it close to correctly. Charlie even let out a “that was good”, with a little bit of surprise I think. So for once tonight I was not the last in the class. Hurray!

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