Sein oder Nichtsein

Tonight Sensei asked and I requested

Ryotetori Shihonage (omote & ura)
Ryotetori Ikkyo (omote & ura)
Ryotetori Kokyu Nage

I had imagined what the shihonage would have been, and I was wrong.
The Ikkyo was pretty neat, I wish I really understood it.

I will be happy when I'm past the 4th Kyu test so I can stop asking for techniques in which the whole group must participate. I think I can at least fumble through the 4th kyu list now, but I sure don't understand them

I see that many young children in the Tae Kwon Do group have black belts and I compare that to our Aikido experience. I'm sure any martial art practiced in earnestness and dutifully respected is good, but I know that it will be a miracle if I ever get to wear a hakama. And thanks to uchi deshi's blog, I know that getting a black belt in Aikido is really just the beginning.

So what about us beginners? For us it doesn't matter. You either practice or you don't. Regardless of rank

What does it matter if you are 4th , 5th, 1st kyu or nidan, shodan...etc. If you practice you are there and if you don't, you are not there. Come to practice..and practice. That is what we are there for.

To be there or to not be there, That is the question. And that points to a deeper question.

The clip is from a Kokyu Nage similar to one we worked on

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