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Neuromancer (Sprawl, #1)Neuromancer by William Gibson
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OK, OK, I finally got around to reading Neuromancer but William Gibson. For some reason I always meant to read it but just never seemed to make the time. I think I was slightly turned off by the cyberpunk hype, not a good reason but there it is.

Yes I like it. It good.

The thing is, I dug all the “jacking in” and accessing the matrix and all, but maybe I think for all the supposed noir atmosphere that is supposed be there...everybody is pretty at peace with themselves. The bad guys are totally cool being bad, the junkie is at peace being a junkie and the assassin is fine with tall the killing.

Armitage/Corto is confused but not really conflicted.

I don't know that a story has to have people struggling to find themselves but I guess I am saying everybody seems to be a little bit of cardboard cut outs. Maybe a little too predictable.

Then again it Sci Fic which sort of has a tradition of one dimensional character.

I tell people something about it reminded me a little of Philip K Dick and not because there is a superficial similarity in setting to the movie blade runner. Rather I seem to remember a scene from Ubik where you don't know what is “reality” and what isn't, so maybe I was waiting for the paranoia and fear. But in Neuromancer the virtual world is just another room in the real world and there is no need to fear anything. But HEY, maybe that is the insight of the whole cyberpunk worldview. I think I just learned something!!

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