Snow, Exercise and Diet

It snowed this morning and I used that as an excuse to not ride my bike. But by the afternoon I managed to squeeze in a ride around the lake and it was more of a workout than usual as the wind was really pretty strong,

Above is a pic from my ride and below one of the neighborhood this morning.

I plan to ride tomorrow morning but I got hooked on Season one of Heroes and since they are free online with netflix I stayed up late tonight and last night watching. I hope I can force myself out the door in the morning

This part of my new diet which I call "I drink Wine and Beer on the weekend and not during the week and I try to exercise more". After one week I weigh about the same but I swear my pants are not as tight and in Aikido I have more stamina. We will see how I feel after another week. I may have to redefine weekend to exclude Sunday


Anonymous said...

It is good to ride. The bike is mankinds greatest invention.

Anonymous said...

Or should I say, "Humankind's". Sorry ladies.

ZeppoManx said...

Thanks for the comment it prompted an new blog post.