I Push A Very Small Envelope

I missed a week of Aikido classes plus either I am getting bigger or my gi is getting smaller (guess which) but in any case I now know I a REALLY out of shape after tonights class.

Charlie taught and it was a pretty small class. I can't remember much except that I pooped out during ji waza at the end.

This was my first time at the new location with the new floor which has a thin rubberized matt on top of the “Denver Floating Dojo Floor”. Which we worked on a week or so ago where the subfloor is 4” squares of some sort of hard foam glued to 8' x 4' plank of “OSB” then flipped over and then screw down more 8' x 4' planks.

On top of which the mat is placed.

Anyway it feels good and I wish I was better on it.

But getting home really tired and then having some bread, wine and mozzarella was pretty damn sweet. Maybe that is why my gi is getting smaller.

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Bob said...

Sorry I had to bail on you. I'm really pissed about my knee. Hopefully I can get that inflammation pain to go away quickly. Can't let this cause another gap in my practice.