Circle of Life?

I'm torn about the video. It started because I was thrilled to see a coyote race across the road when I drove home after Aikido class on Monday. So I look to you tube for coyotes running across roads. And this is the one that captures the grace I saw on Monday. I mean look at the way the coyote leaps across the road and races across the field. I mean it is so damn cool! Way more cool than most human stuff an definitely cooler thant seeing a human run.

I am not a hunter. But I actually have more respect for hunters who shoot, field dress and eat the game they kill than the meat eaters that buy it at the store and would be nauseous if they had to cut up a dead cow. And I suppose there is an argument for thinning the coyote population but this video makes me sad. Ok, I've had a few glasses of wine and it is late but still...

I get the whole circle of like thing and even though I try to avoid the results of factory farming of meat I just have trouble accepting this type of death.

So look at the first part not the last. But I think it is pretty clear the video-grapher is pretty pleased with killing rather than respect for the grace of the coyote...again I get it, death is part of life. But still I feel more of a connection with the coyote than the hunter.

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Anonymous said...

There is a "related video" that shows up of some dudes shooting a coyote from a long way away, and then laughing. Sickening.