Advancements, Sort Of...

Aside from the many techniques we worked on today Sensei “awarded” me a brown belt. Up 'till now our dojo followed the Dallas tradition of aside from the white belt and the black belt you get at Shodan, you got a brown belt after you take the 2nd Kyu test. So that would mean you took one more test before the black belt test (Shodan) But Sensei decided our dojo would present the brown belt after 3rd kyu and in our small dojo that only means me getting a new belt.

I don't want to be melodramatic but it really is humbling since it will be a visual distinction that I have made some progress and I will feel obligated to try and live up to the standards of the previous brown belts who are now wearing the black.

In some other dojos I seen 3rd kyus where a blue belt so I imagine Sensei didn't think another color was really needed. So it is not really a promotion but still I have a darker belt now.

I meant to write more of an Aikido blog but I stayed up a bit late and finished Level 1 Italian in Rosetta Stone Version 3.

From checking my past posts I guess I never got past the first Level in the Spanish version 2. I don't know if this is easier or just so much better one is more likely to try harder. Version 3 is definitely guides you more whereas in version 3 you pretty much just worked on what you wanted with not tests and no automatic reviews. I like this better, but I don't know that I actually learned as much.

Of course my weak Spanish is way better than my tiny Italian but I can't rate The Stone since I've made numerous attempts as Spanish over the years and even spent two months in Cuernevaca at a language school (way back in 1990 so I forgot most of it)

For now I'll head into Level 2 and also try to know the Aikido I am supposed to already know.

So all in all it was sort of a day of awards

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