Buon Giorno!

OK, through a fortunate accident (is that the same as serendipitous?) I found a benefactor so I now have the Rossetta Stone Italian Version 3 and I spent much of the last week attacking Level one.

4 or 5 years ago I took 2 semesters of Italian at the local community college and interestingly it was when the 3rd semester did not form because of lack of students I thought about filling my time with Aikido.

Anyway I have a very slight background although I have forgoten an amazing amount. So far it has been pretty easy but not “a Breeze” but I made it to the half way point of the first of 3 levels. The product seems a lot better than the Version 2 that I had with Spanish. Definitely a more professional product and laid out better. I read where someone thought there was less vocabulary but I can't really say anything about that.

I'll go with it for as long as I have the energy and see where I end up.

Of course learning Italian makes no sense because there is almost no chance I will get to Italy in the near or distant future and Spanish in Texas would be so much more practical...but that is pretty typical of me, in that I tend to do things that while interesting don't really seem practical. Well you gotta do something I guess.

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