What's My Line-age?

Last night we worked from the Katate-tori Ai Hamni, with the highlight being nikkyo. Nikkyo from this stance is very simple and when done correctly it is almost magical Just shift your position a bit while going around uke's arm and then project over the wrist toward his center. Sidney Sensei demonstrated it by saying at the part where you point to their center by saying “I have something to show you, and here it is.” Just as if you were offering something special when you are driving Uke to the ground. - Wonderful.

After class Sensei loaned me his DVD of what looks to be a thorough and systematic demonstration of many basic techniques. Aside from general information it should helpful in preparing for tests. The DVD featured Christian Tissier, who was one of Sydney's teachers when he lived in France.

By seeing some similarities on the DVD with how Sidney teaches I started thinking of linages. I think some people make a big deal of the heritage of their endeavor. Of course the Catholic Church is big on the whole Apostolic Succession but my connection with the Church had nothing to do with the list of bishops to Peter. For a time I “studied” another tradition (Sanbo Kyodan), that had a full family tree and there too, the roots and branches were not what gave the appeal or justified the commitment. And in Aikido, for me the linage is me and Sidney.

Maybe that just shows an ingrained Modern and American worldview. Is it a lack of concern for history? Or is it accepting a “living in the moment” approach to life? - You decide. Or maybe I'll decide.

The video features Christian Tisser. Very smooth, very nice.

footnote: How lame is it to think anybody would catch a reference to a 1950s – 60s game show?

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