Form Is Precisely Emptiness,
Emptiness Precisely Form.

Due to circumstances I missed a week and a half of Aikido classes and fortunately tonight, while a workout, it was not exhausting. I will miss next weekend's testing in Dallas so I didn't have to worry about my inadequacies and could just enjoy the class.

At one point Sidney was trying to explain how to use the Omote form of Yokomenuchi Kotegaishi, in that one is supposed to feel what is happening and move with uke until it is right to go to Kotegaishi. From working with the Tomiki trained guy I gather he learned these techniques by knowing “the forms”. Sidney is always encouraging him to show us what he knows, but it seems to be going at it from a different starting point.

The cool thing about Sidney is he is showing you the way a master would use Aikido, while the Tomiki method is focused on learning where to put you feet, hands, etc... Of course in our class we learn how to move otherwise the purpose is lost, and I'm sure in Tomiki Aikido form never trumps effectiveness. So they end up at the same point, but fortunately for me I like seeing the elegance of the true form, which to me is a “formless form”.

Heart Sutra --- ( The Heart of the Perfection of Great Wisdom Sutra)

AvalokitesvaraBodhisattva doing deep Prajna Paramita
Perceived the emptiness of all five conditions,
And was freed of pain.
O Sariputra, form is no other than emptiness,
Emptiness no other than form,
Form is precisely emptiness,
Emptiness precisely form.
Sensation, perception, reaction and consciousness are also like this.
O Sariputra , all things are expressions of emptiness,
Not born, not destroyed, not stained, not pure,
Neither waxing nor waning.

Excerpt from MKZC.org

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