Este carro rojo tuvo un accidente

Note to self: You just finished Level 1: Unit 4: Lesson 9

Well at least it has been less than a month since my last spanish workout.

They worked in some past tense, but just a bit. A bit of “tuvo” and “tuvieron” regarding who did or did not have an accident.

I check-ed out some tapes and CD from the Public Library after my last Spanish post, and for a week or so I tried to listen to them regularly in the car. But during my trip last week I overdosed on the 5 hour drive and have had a hard time getting back into it.

Fun words from this week...jalando, un puente and chocado!!

Way off topic, for some reason I thought of this poem tonight and didn't want to forget about it.

I love at eventide to walk alone
Down narrow lanes oerhung with dewy thorn
Where from the long grass underneath the snail
Jet black creeps out and sprouts his timid horn
I love to muse oer meadows newly mown
Where withering grass perfumes the sultry air
Where bees search round with sad and weary drone
In vain for flowers that bloomed but newly there
While in the juicey corn the hidden quail
Cries ‘wet my foot’ and hid as thoughts unborn
The fairy like and seldom-seen land rail
Utters ‘craik craik’ like voices underground
Right glad to meet the evenings dewy veil
And see the light fade into glooms around

Summer Moods by John Clare (1793-1864)


Anonymous said...

Как говорилось на Seexi.net Добрый день!
Разбирала вчера шкаф, взяла в толк, что много вещей уже не буду носить. Выбрасывать жалко. Хотеловь бы реально помочь людям, отдать в многодетную семью, к примеру, но боюсь попасть на пьяницаов, коие все продадут. В церковь не буду носить- у нас возле нее цыгане ходят, думаю что не дойдет до нужных рук.
Заранее спасибо

ZeppoManx said...

This is what google translate came up with...

Russian to English translation
As discussed in Seexi.net Good day!
Sorting cabinet yesterday, took a sense that many things are no longer going to wear. Throw a pity. Hotelov would really help people, to give a large family, for example, but I'm afraid to get on pyanitsaov, koie all sell. In the church is not going to wear, we have near her Gypsies go, I think that it reaches the right hands.
Thanks in advance