Ukemi or The Art of Falling

Today was Ukemi Saturday with the peak being what I wouldn't categorize as Aikido Ukemi. Two people face each other with one (#1) holding the wrists of the other(#2). Then #2 twists around as if to give the other a back stretch. #1 kicks their legs up and and over the head of #2 and bingo they are facing each other. It turned out to be amazingly simple, but unfortunately after a few times I started to think about what was happening and apparently made things difficult for my partner.

I couldn't find a clip of the what I describe above but here is a clip of which we did some of the falls.


Bob said...

Alberto Sensei always comes up with some interesting excercises.

ZeppoManx said...

Yes, interesting and tiring. Plus the fall where you throw your leg up so your arm hits the ground and roll off you arm and then the rest of your body really caused my arms to ache today.