Things To Watch When Not At Aikido

I gather many people know all about Pomplamoose, I just recognized them from the Christmas car commercial.

This really makes we wish I was a musician.

Check out to cool lyrical substitution they made

Don't make me sing this part of the song
The lyrics are so bad
So we're going to skip ahead
To the single ladies part instead

My foot still hurts. This may take longer than I thought


SkepticalWalrus said...

Too cool! That looks like so much fun. The girl reminds me of Kate.

By the way, the SkepticalWalrus is back in business, so drop on by when you get a chance.

ZeppoManx said...

"The girl reminds me of Kate." I thought so too and aside from her great voice it may have something to do with my fascination

Bob said...

At first I thought the young woman was a teenaged boy, haha.

Yes, it would be cool to be a musician.