It's Always Something!

A few weeks ago I had a problem with an inflammation on my heel which at one point was bad enough I was limping about my business at work. But a week or so later with the help of some pills I was back to normal.

THEN...today while working with somebody before class I was an uke who grabs one wrist and then by running behind the person grabs the other wrist. I felt particularly clumsy this morning but I tried to loosen up and not be such a sack of potatoes. Anyway in one instance I stepped with full force and slammed my toes into the guy's heel. At the time it It hurt a little but we move on.

Well, to get to the point....in the next few minutes I notice it is hurting more and more so that by the time class actually starts I realize I can't do a forward roll on my left side because when I go forward on my left foot I have drop to my knee because it is so painful.

Then after 15 or 20 minutes I actually excused myself and left class early.

With each hour it hurt more and more, but only when I tried to walk. So now at the end of the day I have trouble putting any weight on the foot. I guess it will be OK since only one toes is swollen much and it is the only one that is purple.

Lately it feels like there is always something interfering with my practice. Of course sometimes it is my own laziness but when I finally get the gumption up an make some effort...fate steps in.

I am showing my age but it makes me thing of the quote from Roseanne Roseannadanna back from the early days of Saturday Night Live. Have I turned into the person she was making fun of?

Well, Jane. It just goes to show ya! It's always somethin'! If it's not one thing, it's another! Either you smoke or you have a sweat ball hangin' off your nose! ... or you have a hurt heel or maybe a broken toe!


Laurel said...

Umm, it's probably broken, don't you think? If you're doctor-avoidant you could at least tape it to a good toe....

Last November I tested for 2nd dan and during practice before the test tore the ligaments on a middle finger. Taped it up so it didn't hurt with movement, but failed the test!

Took it again last week and passed, thank goodness, but the finger is still a little stiff.

ZeppoManx said...

The last time I had a sprained toe and went to the doc I wondered aloud if it might be broken and he seems to say that if it was broken there would be no "wondering" about it. Basically a broken bone would really let you know.

That said, if it doesn't get better in the next day or so I may have it checked out..

Congrats on the test last week, that is pretty impressive.

When I graph the ratio of my Aikido development against time and the dan criteria, I see a calculus limits example that always approaches zero but never gets there.

With 0 = shodan