The Only Way it Clicks!

The Thin ManThe Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett

I always enjoyed the early Thin Man Movies and coming off reading The Maltese Falcon I went straight into Hammett's The Thin Man. I quite like it but in print the constant drinking is a little less charming than in the movie.

A pleasant read and for good and bad it shows it came from a different era. Even if it almost seems Hammett is making a parody of himself.

Prize lines:

Studsy returned alone. “Maybe I'm wrong,” he said as he sat down, “ but I think somebody could do something with that cluck if they took hold of her right.”


After a while she asked: “Is Mamma in love with you?”

“Good God , No! She hates men more than any woman I've ever known who wasn't a Lesbian.”


“Then you're not sure he-”

“Stop saying that. Of course we're sure. That's the only way it clicks.”


“But it seems so loose”

“When murders are committed by mathematicians, “ I said. “you can solve them by mathematics”

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