Is Three Months Enough?

Nice looking girls with this online course!
I see this guy's website. And even though it feels a bit too much like upbeat self help, it still makes me think. I always thought of “Fluent” as being basically as good as a native speaker, but he seems to fudge that somewhat.

And I Google some more and found this guy http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2009/01/20/learning-language/
Italian in Three Months 1999 edition
10 Chapters
200 pages
100 Exercises

Other resources:

Mango online language course (free if you have the right library card)

One a week basic Italian group at work

In the background Italian Rosetta Stone that I'm only so,so keen on.

Assorted other Beginning Italian textss.

Remembering the Second semester Italian class I took 5 years ago

Can it be done?

I just ran out of time and missed Aikido class this morning. Arrrgggh!

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