Myth Perception

"The wind whistled through nets and cable. Peter Lake gave one last glance to the city, and turned south to the marches as the second wave started to close. Athansor began the tiger pacing, but this time it was north-south, across the narrow walkway of the bridge. They thought he was crazed. Trying for the kill, they fired their pistols. But he ignored them. When he was ready, he leaned back on his haunches. Pearly's men stopped for they had never seen such a sight. Athansor arched on visible waves of power. He compressed himself into something almost round. Then, with a roar, he unfolded in a long white silken movement, and flew into the air, parting a thick steel cable that had been in his way, and clearing the nets with ease."

Two weeks ago I went with on a motorcycle ride with my Brother in law for over two hours and at one point we passed a field with what I first thought was large horse statue posted over a wire fence. But then the statue turned and looked at us and after we passed it the horse “took off” and galloped after us and was so majestic that for a moment I thought it would leap over the fence that stopped it following us and not only follow our path but take off towards the clouds.

Later when talking about it my Brother in Law described the horse as “Mythic” and that really is accurate to my experience. I know it was “just a horse” but at that moment and at that place and who I was as I came through...somehow it really was something more than a horse. NOT that it “felt” like something more than a horse.

Anyway it reminded me of Athansor in Winter's tale by Mark Helprin where in one scene he and the rider protagonist are trapped by the bad guys in NYC (they really are bad guys). Above is the part where we find out Athansor can fly

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