Some Nights I Think I Can Stay Up 'Til Dawn

Aikdio tonight and 1st Kyu Mark taught and Sidney Sensei participated. Good class and again we worked on things that I thought I knew but it turns out I didn't. Katate Tori Shiho nage, on the the 5th Kyu test I took almost three years ago and I had it all wrong.

Still it was good in that Mark had us work on only a few techniques but we stayed on them for longer than normal. It felt good.

A very small class. Is our dojo shrinking? A few months ago it seemed we were bursting at the seams, but now...well who knows?

It turns out there was some drama at the dojo and somebody thought somebody else was saying something bad about them and there were a few mass emails that went out and somehow I missed them all. So maybe that accounts for the drop in attendance but then again I don't know for sure. It is just that I am so clueless sometimes.

So I spent some time looking though ignored emails, then I looked up techniques we worked on at You Tube and at that time I saw there was an ad actually on the video I found on YouTube for a new Aikdio dojo in our area. It is not an USAF (United Sates Aikdio Federation) but for something called American Akikai Association.. Anyway, then I surfed the web a bit and saw that my dojo www.planoaikido.com would not come up.

So I emailed people about all this and the next thing you know I could keep going and writing blog entries I meant to do but have not. Look and all sorts of things.

But I have to go to work in the morning, try to ride my bike before that and...well there is so much to do I sometimes think I could stay up all night. But I won't, won't stay up, won't write other blog entries, won't look for other aikido videos, won't read more on the novel I'm into and so much more.

Maybe someday I will stay up until I can sing “Here Comes The Sun”

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