Tanto NOT Tonto!

I've attended Aikido regularly since my motorcycle trip but for some reason I just have not felt the impluse to blog about it.

Last Monday we worked on tanto dori (wooden knife attacks) and not much to say on my part except that since the one brown belt there hurt his back I was the most senior student so I ended up being uke for Sidney Sensei for the whole night. I still feel a bit like an impostor, just too much of a beginner.


Anonymous said...

I've been watching a lot of tanto dori on youtube, and I'm glad we have Sidney and Charlie as our teachers. There are some things that Sidney teaches that I don't see in a lot of the videos -- stuff that could save your life. Like in the shomenuchi type tanto strike, where he tells you to bump the attacker's arm up a bit -- good stuff.

Anonymous said...

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