3rd Kyu?

Sensei said I should take the 3rd Kyu test in May. So I guess I'm taking the 3rd Kyu test in May.

The problem is, 3rd Kyu implies you know some stuff. Not all, by any means, and you are sure not a black belt (shodan), but still you should be able to help out new students more and generally know the ropes.

BUT, after three years I now really know I'm just a beginner. I fear if I tell somebody at a practice that I'm 3rd kyu they may think I actually know something. It's like putting on airs.

BUT, if Sensei says I should take the 3rd kyu test, I guess I will take the 3rd Kyu test.

Here is the list:
3rd Kyu (>100 days practice after 4th kyu)
Yokomenuchi iriminage (2 ways)
Yokomenuchi kotegaeshi
Tsuki kaitennage
Ushiro ryokatatori sankyo (omote & ura)
Morotetori iriminage (2 ways)
Shomenuchi sankyo (omote & ura)
*Shomenuchi Kaitenage (Omote & Ura)
*Morotetori Sankyo (Omote & Ura)
*Ushiro Ryotetori (3 ways)
*Ushiro Ryokatatori (3 ways)
*Ryokatatori (3 ways)
*Jujinage (3 ways)
Suwari waza:
Shomenuchi iriminage
Shomenuchi nikkyo (omote & ura)
*Shomenuchi Ikkyo (Omote & Ura)
*Shomenuchi Sankyo (Omote & Ura)
*Shomenuchi Yonkyo (Omote & Ura)
Katatetori shihonage
Katatetori kaitennage (uchi & soto mawari)
*Ryotetori Shihonage (Omote & Ura)
*Morotetori Shihonage (Omote & Ura)
*Ai-Hanmi Katatetori Shihonage (Omote & Ura)

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Anonymous said...

We'll get together next week Tuesday or Thursday?, and you can run through the techniques with me if you wish. The trick will be doing it the Aikikai way -- not the Tomiki way! But who knows -- Sensei may let us some of Charlie's techniques.