Ok, I'm a wimp. A tough guy would have, well...toughed it out. Yesterday after our warm up we doing something and while walking to observe what Charlie was trying to demonstrate I had a slight accident. I slid my right foot forward and the long lanky toe next to my big toe caught some traction and the rest of me went on another inch or so with my full weight. I didn't break the toe but it sounded like 10 to 20 knuckles cracking in unison.

It didn't hurt at that time so I kept on practicing, but at the one hour mark it really started bothering me. Yes I could have stayed but it really was irritating even though it wasn't swelling.

Anyway by last night it was black and blue on the tip and today I walk like I have a club foot.

I will probably miss tomorrow unless it feels way better.

What a wuse!

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